Digital Project Manager &
Digital Marketing Specialist


With his creative, strategic, and hands-on / straightforward approach, Edo is the dream collaborator, especially when handling complex projects involving a substantial group of stakeholders. 

Working together for “La Scuola dei Quartieri” has been seamless and engaging for the entire comm team. Bonus tip: You will never risk entering a meeting or a brainstorming session and leaving dissatisfied or bored to death.

Elena Lombardo, Communications Manager

Reliable and knowledgeable, working with Edoardo has been a wonderful experience. He has greatly improved the functionality of sections of our website, fully understanding the messaging we were trying to reach.

We particularly appreciated his great communications skills and clarity, successfully explaining every step of the process. We wouldn’t hesitate to work with Edoardo again and highly recommend him.

Anna Bottinelli Edsel, President & Board Member

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Working with Edoardo is like having to push on the golden Buzzer. From simple coordination on projects to organising complex communication plans or even briefing and following-up teams of designers or developers, the multitalented Edoardo becomes quickly a must when you are looking for a trustful, smart, agile, and, last but not least, creative partner.

You know that you are collaborating with the right guy to go to the Final!

Vincent Brassinne, Account Manager

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